Wildlife garden design & landscape gardening

Wildlife gardens

Wyldlife Horticulture specialises in making gardens friendlier to wildlife, turning your garden into a haven for birds, butterflies, bumble bees and other beneficial insects. By helping conservation and encouraging flora and fauna to thrive together, you will see the benefits.

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Benefits of wildlife friendly gardens

Bumble bees and other garden-friendly insects can be encouraged into the garden by what are known as nectar beds. This involves the planting of specific perennials with the correct flower shapes to aid nectar extraction. The benefits of this are better pollination, therefore better fruit, seed production and also the natural control of pests within the garden without compromising the aesthetic value of the border. By introducing the correct plants including some wild flower varieties into the border, you can play your part in the sustainability of insect and plant life.

By using correct shrubs which bear berries during the winter, it is possible to create a winter pantry for native garden birds. This will provide food for birds throughout the winter months, with the added benefit of fruiting shrubs bringing some winter colour to the border. Other varieties may also be introduced to provide forage for birds throughout the year. Hedgehog houses can be supplied and installed in suitable locations.


Gardening Projects

We offer the following services to help create your perfect wildlife-friendly garden:

  • Advice and planning
  • Winter pantries for native garden birds created
  • Specialist nectar beds planned and created
  • Hedgehog houses supplied and installed
  • Nest boxes supplied and installed
  • Plants supplied

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